Runway Bandits/From There On Reviews

Not much to say about RWB at the moment other than I don’t like their new name.

I am 159cm and usually a size S/UK 6/US 2.

Handsome Culottes


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I literally can’t find these culottes anywhere lol. Not even on shopper’s board or carousell. Mine is size S and fits perfectly at the waist.


Worth the money? Let me start off by saying that the material appears far less shiny in real life than in pictures, but I love the material regardless. They have a double buckle and a button. It seems to be polyester and is not double lined, which is something I generally don’t like but for some reason I really like these pants.

Worth the buy? If you are self conscious about your tummy I would skip. It’s not double lined and not structured either. But tbh, I love these pants regardless. There’s just something about the slit, the material and the colour that I really really like.

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