Weymouth harbour

Jurrasic Coast Day 3 | Coastal Towns

Day 3 was our final day at the southern coast of the UK and definitely the least dramatic – although day 1 and day 2 set quite a low bar. We had to return the car by around 3 pm so we only had about half a day to explore before we had to head back.

Our first stop of the day was this beautiful coastal town at Weymouth harbour! The old harbour is just so picturesque, it looks like a shot out of a West Anderson movie, doesn’t it?


We stopped to do a little bit of window shopping around the area. It was honestly so lovely and breezy. We eventually reached a beachy area – big mistake. Sand started blowing in from the beach, temporarily blinding us. That was not great and we immediately retreated to our car.


It was now about lunchtime so we literally stopped at this random place for some Fish & chips – I can’t even remember where this was anymore. This is where we also got “Ni Hao” shouted at us by a bunch of teenagers so that was fun. I’m not even Chinese lol but I feel bad for my Chinese friends.

It wasn’t too much of a bother I suppose but they felt mocked, and that’s not very nice, is it? Intentions aside, maybe it’s a matter of sensitivity – I can tell you it did not make my friends feel welcome.


Our final destination of the day was this lovely beach called Lyme Regis. It had these adorable, colourful changing rooms like you see in those summer flicks!


We decided to chill awhile at the hillside and just enjoy the view with the cold wind in our hair. Honestly, moments like these – just relaxing – are what I remember the most about this trip in particular.


We had actually also wanted to see the limestone caves in the area but it was too late and tours had ceased for the day – hopefully next time!


It was finally time to head home. Along the way, we saw this adorable ginger bread house! We had stopped here so B, who had been driving all along could switch out. I refused to drive on the highway-type road we were on so A took over while we all held our breaths. Luckily we made it back in one piece.

Oh, and about the “fine”? Nothing happened and he just made a whole big deal out of nothing. He literally ruined the mood of the trip by complaining about something that never ended up happening.

Oh well. The beautiful sights and drama made this trip especially memorable, and I suppose that’s definitely a net good.


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