Durdle door

Jurrasic Coast Day 2 | Scenic Routes to Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door

Day 2 started out the way all days should – with a hearty brunch! We’re in England, why not indulge in some Sunday roast on a perfect Sunday morning? There was a famous place for English breakfast called Toby Carvery nearby, so I was really excited, to say the least.


We packed our bags, thanked our Airbnb host and went off on our merry way. Well, it would have been merrier if we weren’t still hearing A complain about possibly getting a speeding ticket the day before, for the entire journey there. Tbh, by this point, I was just tuning all of it out. When we got to the breakfast place & were seated at the table, A started yet again.


This is when D, who until this point had mainly played a mediator role, got really really mad. When I say she went off on him, I really mean that I heard every single vulgarity in the very many languages used in Singapore all strung together to deliver an extremely brutal ‘shut the fuck up’. It came out of nowhere & I was honestly just impressed at that point. There was a long silence before I blurted out, “well what’s for lunch?”.

desert from some random roadside shop while waiting for the ferry

The tension broke & the rest of us kind of just laughed and got up to get our food. A was still in a bit of a shock so he just sat for a while before he joined us. To say that the rest breakfast was awkward was a massive understatement. Well, at least the food was great.


After breakfast, we headed off to Corfe Castle, which involved taking a car ferry! I have never taken one of these so I was pretty excited. We waited half an hour to get on and the ferry took a grand total of 5 minutes to the other side. How dramatic.


Corfe Castle was the highlight of a lovely old preserved town, on top of a hill. We parked our car at the base and made our way around the old town to the castle. There was a small entrance fee (£10 per adult ticket) which we of course didn’t mind since these fees are used to fund the preservation of the ruins.


Just look at that lovely view from the top! There were no crowds at all, just small groups of people, probably since winter is rather off-season for travel to the southern coast. You can see the lovely countryside and old stone village.


We then headed off to our next destination. We had a few places we wanted to cover on this day, so we didn’t spend too long at any of the places. First up was a place I genuinely cannot remember the name of, but I distinctly remember someone telling me it was a great place to find fossils, and boy were they right! This beach wasn’t as scenic (it was mostly rock), but the fossils were really cool.


Next, we drove to Lulworth cove, and by God is it really pretty. The water was a really lovely shade of blue, the type you usually picture in Italy. The viewpoint was perfect to just relax at and take a couple of pretty pictures. It was also extremely windy, great for those candid shots.

Our last location of the day was Durdle Door, named after this really pretty limestone arch that has become somewhat of an icon of Dorset. This is where we just walked around and had a bit of fun feeling the cold wind. Eventually, as the sun started setting, the arch turned golden. It was a really a spectacular end to the day.


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