Popular Anime Opinions Yay

I don’t really consider myself a contrarian. A while ago I wrote about my unpopular anime opinions, which was undoubtedly a lot of fun, but I do also have a bunch of opinions most tend to agree with. I personally think there’s a lot of value in something we can all collectively enjoy, so here are my popular anime opinions!

Man, there’s so many! A popular anime that I very rarely see any criticism for is Haikyuu, and I would have to agree with everyone. Haikyuu is awesome and all its characters are great. It builds hype very organically by getting you invested in these characters’ journeys. A really solid show all around, season 3 is definitely my favourite thus far!

An anime character everyone hates that I hate

Hate is a strong word; I mean Sakura was pretty useless but I don’t hate her, you know? You have to be a level up to really be hated. And though few, I must say that there are some famously irritating characters that I can’t stand. I mean, is there really anyone who likes that green haired bitch from Code Geass? Or Mineta from MHA, whom I would rather watch become grape juice.

A love triangle where my preferred ship sailed

FRUITS BASKET!! All day any day. I don’t think this is considered a spoiler anymore now that Yuki has had his ‘mother’ moment but I was a Kyoru stan from the moment Kyo fell through the roof back when I first read the manga. Yuki was cute and all but Kyo and Tohru need each other. They make each other better people. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, and I mean even Yuki ships it eventually. They are truly an iconic couple in the shoujo genre.

Thriller is honestly such a great genre and there are many thriller shows and movies from both anime and beyond that I greatly enjoy. From the iconic bombastic thrillers like Death Note to the slow burn mystery thrillers like Monster, this genre is one that really keeps me coming back for more. Recommendations, anyone?

A Beloved character that I also love

Oh I’m spoiled for choice really. Maybe I’ll talk about a character I haven’t really talked about on this blog yet – Taichi. His character definitely grew on me as he seemed rather annoying in first season. But his earnest journey through the series really captures your heart and makes you want to root for him. A great amount of development is given to his character and tbh at this point I care more about him than Chihaya LOL. I just need my boy to not lose just once, please.

Attack on titan, plain and simple. Maybe I’ve talked about Attack on Titan one too many times in this blog but how can one not talk about it? Attack on Titan is about the start it’s best arc, after completing several fantastic ones already. Isayama’s writing has only gone up and up. Read the manga or watch the series, it doesn’t matter. Both are great (so far lol).


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