Attack on Titan’s Greatest Moments

Did I mention that I love Attack on Titan? There are just too many iconic things in this show, with amazing characters to boot. I have always wanted to compile my personal favourite moments from this great series, so here it is! This is going to be an anime only list, so no manga spoilers here folks.

*I wrote this before season 4 dropped*

On that Day, Humanity Received a Grim Reminder

What a way to start a show. In just 5 minutes, the Colossal Titan appears, Shiganshina is wiped out and Eren witnesses the death of his mother. It was gruesome like never before. The catastrophic destruction simply commanded attention and said Attack on Titan is here to change the game.

The Deaths of Levi’s Squad

What happens when characters hyped up as being some of the strongest are suddenly killed? Terror and chaos. The female titan mission delivers one of AOT’s lasting blows as all of Levi’s squad is annihilated at one go. This was a huge shock back in 2013 and continues to be talked about today.

Reiner & Bethold’s Revelation

Reiner’s confession comes suddenly and quietly – forcing a double take. Tensions rise as the the two prepare to take away a dumbfounded Eren. Out of nowhere, Mikasa pops up and stabs the two, but fails to finish the job. The music swells as the two transform, and the betrayal is immensely felt. Pure, unadulterated drama.

Eren’s Mental Breakdown

Full credit the absolutely phenomenal voice acting on display here; this scene was horribly tragic. Eren is completely broken by his failure and helplessness as Hannes dies. As he laughs at his cruel fate, there’s a sense of utter devastation and loss. The guy can’t catch a break.

Levi vs Kenny

This fight was an extravagant, serotonin-inducing thrill. Kenny is an awesome character that genuinely seemed like he could be a threat to THE Levi, although we don’t exactly know why at this point. Studio WIT went all out with the animation here, what a win for us.

Erwin’s Final Speech

If Erwin’s Shinzou wo Sasageyo didn’t already solidify him as a legend, this speech surely did. As humanity’s final defence, Erwin comands his soldiers to fight and die. His speech is bone-chilling and makes even the most skeptical believe in a future worth dying for. RIP commander.

Levi vs Beast Titan

Is there anything about these 3 minutes that hasn’t already been said? This moment is the most hype I have ever felt watching Attack on Titan. Despite being a manga reader, I was in complete shock and blown away by this annihilation. In the words of Reiner, Levi is dangerous.

Armin’s Sacrifice

Yes that’s right, 2 moments from a single episode (Hero is, after all, a masterpiece of an episode). Armin’s plan is as heartbreaking as it is brilliant. The boy gives up his dreams and lays down his life so his friends can have a fighting chance. Even by AOT standards, Armin’s ‘death’ was brutal and hard to watch.

Battle of the Syringe

Save Erwin or Armin? This was the moment teased at the end of season 2, and boy did it deliver. Our main characters defy orders and reject what would be a logical choice in favour of their beloved friend, in whom they trust to be able to carry out Erwin’s legacy. Intensely dramatic with a bittersweet end.

The Basement

This is the moment that changed Attack on Titan forever. What we had been waiting for since season 1, the truth of the basement is finally revealed as we take a look at Grisha’s past. Who is the real enemy in this story? I hope you’re as excited for season 4 as I am.

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