Hitting 10,000 monthly views | Milestones

Last month, my site hit what I consider to be a pretty big milestone – 10,000 monthly views! Of course I’m really happy, but my biggest question to myself is, what now?


I know that this isn’t an amount that can earn me an acceptable monthly income – and honestly, I’m fine with that. I’m not looking to make blogging my full-time job, but does that mean I shouldn’t take advantage of the small amount of money I could make? Money is, after all, money – no matter how little.

Well, the truth is, I’m already on my way there. I’ve set up my Kofi page and (finally) bought myself a domain. My site still runs on a free plan though, so no WordAds for me (fuck you, WordPress!) Ah well, my site’s already here, might as well leave it.

the post I’m most happy about

There’s also the fact that the articles I wrote for Odigo are still on Tokyo Creative against my will, which I probably can’t do anything about. Honestly I wouldn’t care, if the nagging feeling at the back of my head would go away; that one day I’ll be ordered to remove all MY posts from this site, that I WROTE for ODIGO, not TC. All I can do now is to slowly change up my posts until they become unrecognizable by Turnitin. I blame Chris Okano.

Also, my posts have really varied levels of success. While my most popular posts have thousands of views, moderately popular ones get hundreds, and unpopular ones get.. tens? Five? none? Yeah, might need to work on that.

travel blogs don’t do as well, but they’re for my memory

But I will say, I do enjoy writing at my own pace and don’t think I’ll adopt a schedule anytime soon. Juggling everything is a challenge, and I’d rather keep up with my hobby at my own pace.

That’s enough reflecting for today. Hopefully the next milestone will come soon

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