Unpopular Anime Opinions Yikes

Why are unpopular opinions so fun to spew out? It’s just so self-indulgent – gross, but incredibly satisfying. But hey, nothing wrong with playing the devil’s advocate every once in a while. Thanks to Iniksbane for the tag! Ya’ll know this is just my opinion, right?

A Popular Anime I Don’t Like

Oh great, I’m about to get crucified. The truth is… I genuinely dislike Code Geass. I disliked most of the characters, the romance aspect, all the school parts, the art style – but continued watching because I found Lelouch to be entertaining. When the whole Euphemia thing happened (you know the one) I rolled my eyes super hard and decided to stop watching. All hail Brittania?

An Anime Everyone Hates But I Love

Hmm this is a hard one for me since I usually watch shows that spread through word of mouth, and hence have at least a baseline of popularity. I guess my answer would be Demon Slayer or Naruto. I know they both have huge followings (I’m not delusional) but they definitely also get a lot of hate. Naruto is a childhood favourite and Demon Slayer is a thrill.

A Love Triangle Where They Didn’t End Up With Who I Wanted

Time to bring up the only valid love triangle, Chihayafuru. Chihaya is the only girl allowed to flip flop between the two men vying for her affection because, I mean, how do you choose between Arata and Taichi? I love both my boys and will be sad regardless of whom Chihaya eventually picks. My heart crumbled at the end of season 3, please give Taichi a break.

A Popular Genre I Hardly Watch

Sports for sure. I’m just not that interested. I’ve watched Haikyuu and obviously season 3 is a 10 episode masterpiece; and I really did love Run with the Wind, but it took A LOT to convince myself to start both series. Even now, I just don’t feel like watching more sports anime, even though I know I’m probably missing out (looking at you Ping Pong).

A Widely Loved Character I Dislike

Here’s a character I once disliked and will endlessly cringe at myself for it: Erwin from AOT. Can you believe it? In season 1, I disliked him because his plans never worked. I now, of course, realise the intended tragedy of the situation and grew to love him as the series progressed. His “Rage my soldiers! Scream my soldiers! Fight my soldiers!” speech is one of my all time favourite moments in AOT.

Ame from Wolf Children is a chatacer I still don’t like. I have my full breakdown of the film here, but in short, I found his decisions in the movie to be selfish and inconsiderate. Oh well.

A Popular Anime I Can’t Get Into

Perhaps My Hero Academia. The thing is, there are plenty of things I like about MHA and I do generally enjoy watching it. Moments like Todoroki vs Deku, the “next it’s your turn” bit, Eraserhead’s entire existence. But somehow, I’m not really invested in the world of MHA and don’t have the motivation to continue it. I seem to be plagued by the fact that I didn’t quite enjoy MHA’s tournament arc as much as everyone else, and that has left mixed feelings. Maybe that will change once I get around to season 4.

An Anime I’m not Interested in Watching Over the Manga

yeah the anime is

Tokyo ghoul, enough said. I have yet to read TG: re, but I definitely know I won’t be watching the rest of the anime having compared season 1 to the manga (apparently it gets way worse). Plus, the manga art is just something else. Is this really an unpopular opinion, though? I guess plenty of people like the anime.

Well that was fun! I nominate ThatRandomEditor, KS Blogs and Chizurue to try this fun tag out, if you so choose.

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