Hana Kimura, Rest in Peace | Terrace House

I have been an avid fan of Terrace House for a long time. This morning, I awoke to reports of Hana posting images of herself self harming. I was completely shocked. Then, a few hours later, it was confirmed through an official announcement by Stardom that Hana had passed away, and I still can’t quite process it.

Hana was a bright soul and I enjoyed watching her on Terrace House Tokyo 19/20. Her bubbly, giggly personality shined and her ambitious attitude towards her pro wrestling career was something I really admired. In whatever she did, it was apparent that she tried her best.

Hana made some mistakes. She was young. She was human. People didn’t care. They attacked her relentlessly for weeks. She hid her pain behind smiles. Hana didn’t deserve this. She was beat down at a time when she was already vulnerable, having lost a portion of her income because of the pandemic. They sent her awful messages and taunted her on social media. Nobody deserves this.

Words can hurt. Words have consequences. Rest easy, Hana; gone too soon. You were beloved by many, perhaps more than you could have known. I hope that wherever you are, you are at peace.

If you struggle with thoughts self harm, know that you are not alone. Please seek help. You are not alone.

Edit: The recent allegations made against the Terrace House producers make this situation all the more disgusting. I hope Hana gets the justice she deserves.

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