The Netherlands Day 3 | Amsterdam is ugly but beautiful

Our final day in Amsterdam was a very pleasant & chill one. We had done all the tourist favourites so all that was really left was to explore the city.


Let me say this, Amsterdam is really pretty – at its outskirts. Central Amsterdam is overcrowded, smelly and generally quite gross. You can still get pretty sites like this one, but the farther you move away from the inner city, the more beautiful Amsterdam becomes.


Before we went off exploring, we wanted to grab breakfast do we stopped by this adorable pancake shop for some dutch style pancakes. Not only were they delicious, but the store also gives a little keychain as a souvenir upon payment!


We then bought some fries from some popular roadside store and went off our way, just walking about. We stopped by the bloemenmarkt, which I thought would be more of a flower market but seemed to be more of a flower bulb and seeds market. That was probably because we were there on a Sunday. There were still some flowers, but I assume less so.


After walking about we were getting hungry so we decided to try raw herring, the famous dutch delicacy! I actually thought it wasn’t too bad, but my friend begged to differ. Having it in sandwich form probably made all the difference.

Looking to explore further, my friend and I decided to take a tram to the outer rings of Amsterdam, and that’s where the true charm of the city hit me. The canals were quiet and the cafes peaceful. People were walking their dogs and chilling in the open.

We chanced upon this park with some lovely cherry blossoms in bloom! It was really pretty, and people had come out to have picnics and walk around. As much as we wanted to stay, it was time to head back to the airport for our flight back.

My trip to the Netherlands was a really fun. I feel that we really made the most of the 3 days we had there, and it was just a really good trip.


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