The Netherlands Day 2 | Zaanse Schans Windmills & Anne Frank Museum

Day 2 in the Netherlands was for us to enjoy the view of their iconic windmills. In Holland there exists a little town called Zannse Schans, where these windmills have been well preserved and traditional dutch craft continues to be kept alive.


Walking to the town from the nearest train station was really easy, as its just about 10 minutes away, and there are plenty of people heading in that direction anyway. Eventually, you reach this beautiful river, lined with coffee shops, windmills and riverside shops.


Just as we were about to cross, a boat started making its way across our bridge. We started hearing the sirens blaring as the barriers started coming down to prevent pedestrians from passing.


There were a couple of old ladies who got caught in between the barriers, which resulted in a small scale panic as they shuffled around while their loved ones yelled at them in Chinese to come back. No worries, they made it in time and it was pretty funny.

Crossing the bridge led us to this gorgeous scenic spot, overlooking a row of quaint little houses. The water was so beautifully still you could see the house’s reflection in it


As you can see, this place really just has a certain charm to it. Even with the large amount off tourists, the place still seemed rather tranquil, which is quite the achievement considering just how many tourists there were.


One of Zaanse Schan’s most popular tourist stops, the cheese house was easily my favourite of the day. They really let you taste every single cheese there, it’s absurd. We got to try so many fantastic cheeses that day, with no pressure to buy at all since it was too overcrowded for disapproving stares. The cheese is delicious though, so I could see how one wouldn’t mind spending a pretty penny for an edible souvenir.


We also paid to enter one of the windmills, just to get a look inside. It was interesting, but because I had already gone to a traditional mill, nothing particularly exciting.


The clog making workshop is another thing I would absolutely recommend despite the queues. It was really fascinating to watch the short demonstration, which is completely free of charge. The shop is lined with rows and rows of clogs, all with pretty designs and colours.


Once we were done looking around Zaanse Schans we headed back to Amsterdam for two things: a peak at the red light district and the Anne Frank museum. No photos of the red light district out of respect, but you get the picture.


The Anne Frank museum was one of the highlights of my trip for sure. I loved it, the place was just brimming with history and the incredible story of a little girl’s will to live. Seeing the cupboard and secret attic was an incredible experience I will not forget.

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