Keukenhof tulips

The Netherlands Day 1 | Keukenhof, the BEST Garden in the World

Day 1 in the Netherlands was for us to stop and smell the flowers – literally. The Netherlands (or Holland) is famously known for its colourful tulip season. Where better to see these pretty flowers slightly too early into the season than Keukenhof Botanic Gardens, which is only open during spring. The botanic gardens have an annual flower show where their entire catalogue of tulips are put on display.


We had actually arrived in Amsterdam the night earlier, but it was too late to actually do anything. We accidentally took the wrong train and ended up in Utrecht, which only made matters worse, but hey, that’s the fun of travelling on your own! So after spending the night in our cosy Airbnb, my friend and I set out in the morning with our 3-day transport passes.


As expected, Keukenhof was beautiful, and not even that crowded! The tulips were not entirely fully bloomed, but the cherry blossoms, hyacinths and daffodils were in full swing.


Next was the flower show, which was truly amazing. As you can see, the sheer variety of tulips on display is a sight to behold.


Keukenhof also offers a boat ride around its nearby flower fields, which we opted to skip since not all the flowers were fully bloomed. You can see the pretty rows of hyacinths from the gardens, though.


There’s also this little animal farm in the gardens with goats, sheep, rabbits & chickens! Random, but really cute


As the sun started calming down, the atmosphere of the place grew more peaceful. We knew it was about time to leave, so we took the long way around back to the exit.


When we were waiting for the bus, I realised I had lost my 3-day transport ticket, which was fun. Yeah, I had to spend extra to get back & then buy another 2-day transport pass. Oh well.

Keukenhof was real pretty though, so even with the extra I had to spend, it all seemed worth it.

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