Germany Day 5 | Berlin is kind of boring

Our final day in Berlin was a really chill day since we had already covered whatever we had wanted to.


The east side gallery was nice to stroll along, although I did feel that much of the artwork was pretty random and had nothing to do with the history of the wall itself. It was alright though, and here are some of my favourites


It’s a shame that some of the art had been vandalised. By the time we covered about half of the wall’s length it started raining, so we decided to just take the bus over to Alexanderplatz for shopping and lunch. This area has the iconic tower which I, for some reason, did not take a picture of.

here are more pictures of the wall instead

After shopping, we went over to a memorial area where we watched a film on the fall of the Berlin wall. Informtive, but I don’t really recommend it especially if you’ve already learnt it in history class.


Dinner was easily my favourite part of this day. Remember that restaurant Cocolo we kept not being able to eat at? Well, on that day we queued nice and early so we could finally get the chance, So early in fact, that we were first in line, and yes there is a line even before the restaurant opens at 6 pm. Dinner was AMAZING. It was authentic tonkotsu ramen in a cosy, tiny restaurant. I’ll leave the link to their website here, it’s great if you want some Asian food.


From there we went back to our hostels and headed to the airport back to the UK. It was a really fun trip and I’m glad I got to see Germany during my exchange. There’s still much of Germany to explore, so with luck, I’ll be back!

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