Germany Day 2 | Neuschwanstein Castle is GORGEOUS ♡

Easily one of my favourite days of my entire trip, this day is one I’m super excited to write about. My friends and I started out bright and early because we had a two hour journey ahead of us, to the extremely famous fairy tale-esque Neuschwanstein Castle!


I’ll spare you the details of the first, boring half of our journey, but the second half immediately became much more exciting once we started seeing snow-capped mountains. It only got prettier from there!


This area is actually home to 2 castles that overlook the beautiful lake. We first decided to take a look at one of the other castles, Hohenschwangau castle. Even though we didn’t enter, it was a great vantage point for viewing the lake.


After climbing down we spent some time by the lake, staring at the waddling ducks and the pretty mountains. It’s too bad my pictures were kind of overexposed.

almost there!

After having a quick bite we made the collective decision to make our way up the mountain by foot to the main attraction, Neuschwanstein Castle! It took us about 20 minutes to brisk walk up, but boy I was really not fit enough to keep up with my friends. They were super sweet though and kept checking that I wasn’t dying.


This is one of those castles that truly look like what you imagine to be a castle from a fairy tale, partly because this is the very castle that served as the inspiration for the castle shown in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The interior was really beautiful and worth seeing, it’s too bad photography isn’t allowed.

view from the balcony
to the bridge

Up until this point, I was happy that I came, but the place didn’t truly blow me away like I was expecting it to. We then decided the head over to the pretty bridge we had seen from the castle balcony, and it was after this point that I was really convinced of Neuschwanstein’s beauty.


Just look at this gorgeous view! On one side of the bridge, the castle stood magnificently, and on the other, the mountains towered over the forests. The sun finally decided to chill out, and so the photos turned out nicer as well.

half way up

A friend and I decided to explore a bit more of the mountain on the other side of the bridge, and came across this steep path. We looked at each other and thought, shall we go for it? Two girls climbing up a dangerous looking, steep ass path. A wrong step could send us tumbling down the mountain. Shall we? Hell yeah!


At the top, we were greeted with a spectacular view. As the sun started setting, the place only grew more beautiful and magical. We sat there, all alone in this unknown part of this extremely popular attraction and just enjoyed our surroundings.


As wonderful as the sunset was, it also signalled to us that it was time to go. There are no lights up in the mountains after all! Back down the steep path and across the bridge we went, and oh boy, do you see this? A scene right out of a Disney movie awaited us.

Just before the sky turned a lovely pink

Everything was absolutely gorgeous. And then, we realised we had a mere half an hour to reach the train station if we wanted to catch the train we had planned on taking. So we ran down the mountain a the sky turned a brilliant pink. I really regret not stopping for just one picture.

I love mountains

As I ran down the mountain, laughing with my friends, I looked up at the sky and knew I had experienced something special. It was a tiring day, but damn if it wasn’t fun. The gorgeous scenery is still stuck in my mind to this day. Germany day 2 was undoubtedly one of the best days of my entire exchange trip.


Here’s what dinner looked like. Pretty decent, we had it after returning back to Munich, in a restaurant in the heart of town that has a wonderful atmosphere. If I remember its name I’ll update this!

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