Germany Day 1 | Luton airport & Arrival in Munich

My first exchange trip finally arrived, hooray! For this trip, my friends and I decided to travel to Germany, specifically to Munich and Berlin. It was only a 2 hour or so flight, and we headed out after our classes had ended for the day.


Luton airport is one you’ll be visiting often if you’re planning to travel out of London by budget airlines. Here are some things to know- the security area is not at the gates themselves, but instead there is a mass security check right at the entrance. This can take a while if the queues are long. The airport is also pretty small and there isn’t much to eat. Like most European airports, they also require to put your toiletries in a clear zip-lock bag, and although they do provide bags it’s easier to just prepare for this when you pack.

We stayed at the Euro Youth Hostel in Munich, and I have to say I was really impressed. It was incredibly clean, spacious and since there were 5 of us, we got the room all to ourselves. Totally worth it!


Our flight landed pretty late and there was nothing much to do so we just grabbed dinner at a place nearby our hostel and that was it. Look at this delicious thing! To couple something so healthy, we decided to buy 20 Mac Donald’s wings lol. The next day was going to be super exciting, so we headed to bed.

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