Travel Tag!

I thought I’d do a fun little post today. I was scrolling through WordPress and came across this fun travel tag by The Longest Road to Walk. That reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do one of these, so here it finally is!

What countries have you already travelled to?

Well, I’d been to a few when I was younger. I consider these places to be ones that I’ve semi-travelled to, since I’ve physically been there but I only remember parts of these trips. The complete list: Hong Kong, USA, Switzerland, Italy, France, India.


Next are the countries I’ve been to for short holidays/shopping trips. These places are really near my home country Singapore, so I’ve been quite a few times. These countries are: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

Finally are the countries I’ve been to during holiday/study trips. I remember these places fondly, because they were part of new experiences for me. My precious: Australia, Japan, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria.

Which destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Kyushu, all day. I know I’ve been to Japan, but I haven’t been to Kyushu, home of Takachiho gorge and Kumamon. Or maybe Gifu? God, why is Japan so beautiful?

As for a country that I’ve never been to, the top spot would definitely have to go to Iceland. A few of my friends have been, and from what I’ve seen that place should be renamed land of endless wallpapers.

What is your most ideal holiday?

Anything with nature sightseeing. I’ve been to some very famous monuments (see: Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben etc.) and none compare to the natural beauty of a maple tree in autumn.

Ideal attractions for me always have some sort of natural elements to them, a la Neuschwanstein Castle, Kurama-dera, Keukenhof, the entirety of Salzburg.

Which place did you think was so special that you’d love to go back?


Driving across the southern coast of the UK, admiring the vast ocean, hills, beaches and cliffs of Dorset was truly something I’ll never forget. I’d love to drive there with my family.

Or you know, Kyoto, my first love. I’d kill to go back, but this time at the peak of autumn.

What is your favourite travel photo?

Aw, just one? I’ll do three:

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto
Ryoan-ji, Kyoto
Bravarian Alps, Germany

Who do you tend to travel with?

I traveled with friends during my study trips, but other then that, family. Life hack: have your parents plan your itinerary so you don’t have to.

Would you rather go on a snow or sun holiday?

My first attempt at making a snowman

Neither. Spring and Autumn are my seasons. I have more than enough of the sun in Singapore, so I’d say snow though. I would love to try skiing one day.

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