UK 16/03 | Borough Market & Shakespeare’s Globe

If there’s anything I like more than nature, it’s food. You know, being in the UK had really put a damper on my enthusiasm for food. Not because aLl FoOd iN tHe uK Is bAd as some like to claim, but because everything was so damn expensive (especially if you take into account the exchange rate). I’d been cooking and eating pasta for weeks, I just wanted some good food god damn it! And so, I defiantly decided to go to Borough market and look away from price tags.


Borough market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, selling both local and international food! Being famous naturally comes with a big crowd, and it didn’t help that it was lunchtime either.

guilty pleasures

I decided to walk around first and get a feel of the area and what the vendors were selling. It didn’t take me too long though to settle on some mac n cheese from this store called Hash. But what really pulled me in was this delicious smell- what could it be, I asked as I pointed to the bubbling pot. “That’s Gumbo”, the server replied, and I was thrilled. I’ve never had gumbo but I’ve heard great things about the American soul food, so I immediately asked for some. Great decision, I absolutely loved it.


Next I desperately needed something to drink, so I scouted around for a while before stumbling across this shop selling hot fruit teas! I tried them all before settling on spiced apple something (I don’t really remember lol, it was good though). There was also a lot of fresh produce being sold.


What meal is complete without dessert? I thought about ice cream but I saw this doughnut stand with a massive queue. There’s a general rule we Singaporeans follow- long queue = good food, so I naturally stood there and bought one of their vanilla ones. I highly recommend these doughnuts from Bread Ahead, they were freaking delicious.


Once I was done with my meal I walked over to Shakespeare’s Globe. I had bought tickets to see a play the previous week, but I was running a fever on that day so I couldn’t go (that’s 15 pounds down the drain). Feeling really guilty about wasting that money, I decided against going for another play and settled for a guided tour of the globe instead.


The open air theatre is really pretty, and is modeled to be as close to the original Globe, which burnt down due to a fire, as possible. There’s artwork as well as a traditional thatched roof.


In terms of the guided tour itself, I honestly ended up thinking it was a waste of money, since it ends really quickly. They don’t show you the indoor theatre either, which was strange. Just buy a standing ticket if you want to be cheap, but I think going for a play would be better, since you get to see a theatre anyway (indoor/outdoor depending on the season), and there’s entertainment.

It still was a good day though. I finally had some good food, what’s there to complain?


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