UK 13/03 | Spring in Hatfield

This was a school day, and was too lazy to actually travel out, so I decided to walk over to the unkempt garden areas near my student accommodation and just have a relaxing stroll. You gotta take time to chill every once in a while, you know?


Along the way to the garden area there are rows of houses with their own flowering trees. I’m like 60% sure these are cherry blossoms of some sort? I mean, they do have the heart shaped petals. Also, daffodils everywhere.

unkept garden area

The garden area had lots of these white flowering trees, which again I have no idea what they are but boy are they pretty. I just walked through the area slowly, and with not a single person in sight, it was a great change of pace.

couldn’t find the picture of the forest area, but you can see the bluebells here too!

While we’re on the topic of Spring, there were also photos I took around school on other days as the weather became warmer. The bluebells as school started sprouting, colouring the forest floor a pretty blue.

spot the rabbits

After winter ended all of the school’s animals started appearing as well. There are at least 2 resident rabbits (which I had a hard time photographing because they run so damn quickly), and a really fat cat who loves to show off how adorable he is. Hooray for warm weather!

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