UK 11/03 | St. Paul’s beautiful cathedral & Tate Modern SUCKS

St Paul’s cathedral is one of London’s iconic sights that’s found right along the river Thames. Of the many churches I visited during this trip, St. Paul’s was easily one of my favourites.


The tickets include free audio guides, which is really handy. Also, no photography is allowed in the interior of the church. With my usual habit of becoming too involved and forgetting ‘no photography’ rules, I took a single photo before I remembered I wasn’t supposed to.


I’m really lucky I didn’t get caught, please don’t do this. I’ve had one too many embarrassing moments being told off, it’s not something I recommend. Anyway, the church was covered in absolutely beautiful artwork, the highlight of which was the dome.


You can to climb an extremely long series of staircases to get to the dome, but it’s worth it. Not only do you get to see the artwork up close, but you can also test out the dome’s whispering walls. Just have a friend stand opposite you and whisper into the wall, you’ll be able to hear what they’ve said!


After another long series of stairs (yes, my lungs were collapsing) you reach the viewing area, where you can get a great view for the city. But there’s another, better place with a greater view. That’s right, more stairs!


At this point I was seriously considering calling an ambulance. But from here, the highest point, you get to see all of London’s icons from a great vantage point.

Next was a place I never planned to go to- Tate Modern. The thing is, I knew I wouldn’t like it, because I wouldn’t be able to appreciate it. But still, I had time to kill so I gave it a go. And to be completely honest, I was left very underwhelmed.


I honestly cannot remember anything that really interested me here. A large portion of the museum’s building is left empty, like just hollow space with no decoration or anything. Why? I have no idea, but it doesn’t make the main area look very appealing. The exhibitions were alright, but nothing really stood out. This is probably one of the only places I’ve been to that I would personally advise people to skip.

I don’t want to be too negative, so here’s what I liked. They have a few Picasso paintings, and that was great. There was also this light exhibition, which I thought was the coolest exhibition there. Yeah, that’s about it. But it didn’t ruin my day or anything, I still had fun exploring.

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