UK 3/03 | Shoreditch is too cool for me

I decided that I needed a chill day after a bunch of assignments, so keeping with the hipster vibes from Camden I thought my next destination should be Shoreditch! Shoreditch is a borough in London well known for its street art and graffiti.


The entire neighborhood exudes a chill atmosphere, with plenty of cafes and, of course, art! Before I got to exploring the area I popped into one of those pretty cafes and had a cup of tea while waiting for the rain to stop.


Then, I pretty much walked around taking photos of the art. The plan was to walk to Brick Lane, which is a street nearby known for its weekend markets.


The art was really stunning, it all looked incredibly professional. It makes me wonder how and when these murals pop up, and if they are actually commissioned or something.

Anyway I did walk up to brick lane and the weekend market was in full swing with food and clothes, but my battery died so I have no photos :< . I bought a bagel from the shop that had quite a queue and walked around.


It eventually started raining again and the shops started packing up early. So yeah, I just went home from there. Really chill day, I’m glad that I got to see a really cool area to boot.

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