Best Anime Ending Theme Songs (with Spotify links)

So, here’s a confession – I don’t really listen to anime ending songs. I’ve always been the binging type, so as soon as the end of an episode draws near my finger starts hovering over the ‘next’ button. An ending song catching my attention is pretty rare, but it does happen, and some of these songs have gone on to become all time favourites. This is my subjective best ed list!

Sora wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna

This is the ending for Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, aka Erased. I usually only pay attention to ending songs that start off with really great hooks, and this was definitely the case here. The song starts with that gorgeous guitar, and only gets better as the vocals and drums kick in.

I love the intensity, I think it captures the spirit of the anime perfectly, but even if you discount that, it’s just a really great song that’ll make you want to sing along. The vocalist, Sayuri, puts in a lot of emotion to her singing, and it translates very well.

Oto no Naru Hou e

Season 2 of Gin no Saji was elevated with this fun and catchy song from Goose House. Yup, the same group that created Hikaru Nara, a fan favourite. The song has an infectious energy that radiates hope, which is exactly what I needed while watching season 2.

The song sounds like a jamming session that they perfected, and I challenge you not to smile while hearing the song. It’s dynamic and pulls you through to the very end, making you want to groove along.

Akane Sasu

This is Natsume Yuujinchou’s season 5 ending theme. The one thing that makes Natsume’s endings stand out from the crowd is the fact that they always seamlessly blend into the episodes. As the episode draws to a close, the melody of the ending begins, and it slowly transitions into the song flawlessly, it’s truly spectacular.

Akane Sasu not only has this going for it, but also has this nostalgic feel to it, with a lingering sadness but also insane beauty. It makes you think of the reds of a sun set, all to Aimer’s credit. Her unique voice bumps this song all the way up.

Ad Meliora

Perhaps the newest entry in this list, Ad Meliora is a really pretty song which really has a magical charm to it. Fitting, since it plays at the end of Fruits Basket 2019, and also because the song is by a man who calls himself The Charm Park.

The beginning of this song also really reminds me of the pre-chorus of Wonderwall, which is not a bad thing at all. The gentle melody makes the song feel like what fireflies lighting up in the dark night look like. Ethereal.


Yes, this is another one from Natsume Yuujinchou. What can I say, I just love both so much that I couldn’t leave one out. This song is as simple as it is beautiful. The melody is carried by a piano, with violins and drums building the song as it goes along. Kourin’s pretty voice ties it all together, creating a really comforting sound.

While Akane Sasu reminds me of a sunset, Aishiteiru reminds me of the cozy warmth of staying indoors and watching the snow fall. While I don’t consider nice lyrics to be absolutely essential for all songs, they certainly raise this one, as they are so poignant here.

Natsume Yuujinchou Aishiteru – YouTube link as original is not on spotify


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