UK 16/02 | National Gallery, Central London & Big Ben is hiding from me

When I first visited Trafalgar Square there was one thing that I wanted to do but didn’t get to- visit the National Gallery. You see, the gallery houses one of the most famous paintings in the world- Sunflowers by Van Gogh. I first stumbled across Van Gogh in art class, when we were tasked to replicate Starry Night with our own twists and from there I came to like more and more of his works. Essentially, I decided to visit just for 1 painting.

But of course that is not to say that I didn’t care for the other works in the National Gallery. After all, there were also other paintings by Van Gogh there, and not to mention works by Leonardo Da Vinci, so I set out aiming to cover as much as possible.

What is European art without Christian art? The museum started off with art from churches, many of them grand and even with gold foil.

This included the sketch from Da Vinci, The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist. There’s also The Virgin of the Rocks, but I forgot to take a photo of that one.

Also, the interior design of the museum is really pretty, with some of my favourite colours. London has been pretty monochrome, so it’s nice to see some colour here.

Next was what we’ve all been waiting for-the Van Gogh paintings! The Chair is there too, among others. The paintings actually do look different in real life, because you can really see the textures of the paints and the vibrant colours. So yeah, I was really happy.

There were also a few Monet paintings, which I was not expecting. I’m actually not too familiar with Monet’s works, but I did know about the water lily paintings, so to suddenly see it in the flash was rather shocking.

After I was done with the museum I still had time to kill so I thought it was finally time to go see central London. I didn’t really know exactly where I was going but the goal was to get to Westminster Abbey.

I eventually passed the Admiralty house to reach St. Jame’s park. There are lots of cool buildings in the area, including the The Household Cavalry Museum, aka the museum of the queen’s guards.

Also, London fashion week was ongoing at the time, so there were lots of photographers and models in this area. Not something I particularly know or care about, but eh, still cool I guess.

Then, I finally reached Westminster Abbey! I walked around it to find the Palace of Westminster, which is the house of parliament, and as you can see, both are really incredible Gothic buildings. It’s no wonder they’re London’s most iconic structures.

And then there was Big Ben. Poor old Ben is still undergoing restoration works, so this is all the world’s going to get for a couple of years. It’s sad but necessary, and you can still see his face anyway.

I did a lot of walking that day and my legs were killing me, so I decided to head back from there, so that’s all for now!

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