UK 3/02 | I went to Hogwarts

My friends and I had set aside this day to travel to Oxford university! This was going to be my first long distance (relatively) trip during this trip, as there was a 2 hour train journey awaiting us.

After the journey, the first thing on our minds was food, so we ran over to this popular cafe called The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen. As you can see, it’s a s t h e t i c.


I ordered the eggs benedict, but if I’m being completely honest, I was a little disappointed, because the eggs were overcooked and not runny. What even is the point if it isn’t runny! They’re a popular cafe, so this was a shock. I want my runny eggs god damn it!

Anyway, after brunch we made our way towards the main buildings. The university pretty much covers the entire city, so you get pretty old buildings everywhere.

Our first stop was the Bodleian Library, which is the largest university library in the world. We were, of course, more interested in the fact that the Divinity school in particular is a Harry Potter filming location! There are even little pictures as a nod to the films.

We then stopped by the Radcliffe camera, which houses the science library. This pretty building is one of Oxford’s most famous landmarks. Unfortunately, the library is also private, so we couldn’t get a peek inside.

Nevertheless, we continued forward towards the great dining hall, which was replicated in studios for filming of the dining hall scenes in Harry Potter. This place was massively crowded, Harry Potter fans are a dedicated bunch!

The stairs leading to the hall are pretty famous too, as the stone staircase is showcased prominently in the first couple of films.

The stairs bring us down towards the Tom Quad, with the famous Mercury fountain. It’s off limits to tourists, so we could only take pictures from afar.

Last of all was the new collage courtyard, where the iconic, big, beautiful tree stands. This is another Harry Potter filming location, and so there were fans in costumes excitedly taking pictures.

We wondered around a bit more and then decided to head back. It was a lovely day and oxford was really pretty, I definitely recomend it, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan!

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