UK 22/01, 1/02 | Snow Days

As I’ve mentioned in my other posts, I’m from Singapore, a tropical country, so you know I have to make a separate post for snow. I’ve actually seen snow a few times by now, but it’s still an experience I don’t get often and it’s really pretty, so.

Hatfield isn’t particularly known for snow (or anything else for that matter), but it did unusually snow the previous year, so we were already told of its possibility. And then, one day it happened!

Arctic winds decided to blow in our direction, and you could see all the foreign students (including me) suddenly running out to take photos and videos.

This is going to sound stupid but snow is really cold, so I quickly retreated to my warm room and stared out of the window, as if I was in one of those Christmas movies.

It only really snowed one other time, and that’s when my friends and I gathered our gloves and hats to go build a snowman! This one is noticeably bigger than the one I made in Japan (take a look at it here), because my friend taught me the rolling technique. Of course it turned out bigger, faster.

We didn’t decorate him with much, but he’s still pretty cute, isn’t he? People were actually stopping to take photos with him, so that’s a win!

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