UK 26/01 | St. Albans

Week 1 was a bit of a tiring week, with new adjustments and having to deal with meeting new people. I had finally made some friends (what an achievent) and we had decided to go to St. Albans, a nearby historic town, together.

The day started as all days should- with pancakes! We got ours from The Breakfast Club, quite a popular cafe that also has brunches (pun absolutely intended) in London. I had the blueberry & banana pancake, and it was really good (but I had to ask for more maple syrup).

Anyway once we were done with brunch we moved towards the town centre. The town is known for its large cathedral, built in the 8th century. We accidentally mistook this for it, but quickly realised it wasn’t possible since the area was empty.

St. Albans holds a market every Wednesdays and Saturdays, and I hear they also have farmer’s markets on certain Sundays. We came on a Saturday, and the streets were lined with vendors selling all sorts of items! This of course includes food, clothes and toys.

There is also a museum here, due to many roman artifacts being discovered around the historic town. We, of course, decided to skip this in favour of food. I bought this Spanish chicken Paella, and damn was it the best Paella I’ve ever had. I saved some for dinner, since the portions were so big. We then decided to make our way to the cathedral.


St. Albans also has a famous 15th century clock tower, which is this. Umm, okay? Historically significant, but still.

The actual Cathedral was much larger than I had expected, and was really pretty. Lots of sculptures, art, and beautiful stained glass!

When we entered the organ was playing! I was so excited I ran over to take a look, but unfortunately it stopped before I arrived there. Oh well, the organ is still really cool (and big!).

We exited through the other entrance and thought we’d take a look at a nearby park, since we were there. We also may have been influenced by the sight of doggies heading there.

too lazy to rotate but yeah

The park was really pleasant, with lots of ducks and swans swimming about. This darn swan tried to nip at my friend’s food.

And then, the most hilarious thing happened. I wanted to take a photo, but I didn’t because I didn’t know if the owner would be okay with it. This dog had accidentally thrown its ball into the water, too far for anyone to reach. He just sat there and moped, staring at the ball, then his owner, then the ball. We all couldn’t help but laugh, it was so cute but sad at the same time. Then, a helpful guy found an extremely long stick (branch really), and eventually, he got his ball back! We all cheered and headed home satisfied. Good day!

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