My exchange trip to the UK!

It’s time to travel again! Thanks to my university, I have the awesome opportunity to, this time, go on a full exchange programme to the University of Hertfordshire in the UK! Here’s a little glimpse at my student accommodation.

The length of my exchange is from Jan 2019 to May 2019. So, I’ve actually been in the UK for 3 months now, and still have 2 more to go. I’ve been thinking about whether I should include my exchange trip on this blog, since it’s mainly focused around my trip to Japan, but I thought that it would fit in (and if it doesn’t, oh well) along with the rest of my posts. I hope I’ll have the time to update regularly, because I’ve already had some great experiences I do want to share.

the common room

This blog will be a little different from my Japan blog, since unlike my Japan trip, I do have to study, do assignments and stuff, so not everyday is exciting. Instead of a daily blog, I’ll just be sharing about the days when I do venture out of school, with the date. As for first impressions, I was pretty glad my campus is close to London (20 mins by train), but it is in the countrysides-ish, and is very much quieter than the city life I’m used to. Also it’s so expensive here, god (I’ve been cooking lots to save cost).

my room

My room has a bathroom attached- yay! My first day was spent unpacking and going to the supermarket for groceries and essentials, so that’s it for now. But I promise there’s lots more to come!

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