My Favourite Treats from Chateraise Patisserie (with prices)

From a tiny shop in 1954 surrounded by lush green mountains in Kofu city, Chateraise has now made a name for itself both within Japan and internationally. The patisserie prides itself with only using the freshest of ingredients, contributed by local Japanese farmers with whom they have close ties. Their confectionery, as a result, are noticeably of very high quality, and the best part is, all items are very reasonably priced! Here are some of my all-time favourites, with prices in SGD.

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Double Cream Puff ($1.90)

This large cream puff is filled with 2 types of cream – a light whipped cream and a rich egg custard. Pair the double cream filling with a soft puff pastry and you have the famous Chateraise double cream puff! There is also a chocolate version with chocolate custard and cream, but I prefer the original, as the egg custard just pairs with the whipped cream extremely well. Eggs are used from farms within the local Yamanashi prefecture, ensuring freshness!

Red Bean fresh cream Dorayaki ($1.90)

Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese pancake-like confectionery that was famously Doraemon’s favourite snack. With special azuki red beans and fresh cream directly from Hokkaido, the beloved Dorayaki is somehow even further elevated. It’s especially great for those of us who aren’t too keen on the flavour of red bean, as it is subtle but definitely there. The fluffy texture of the pancakes flanking the filling also perfectly complements it.

Nama Chocolate Daifuku Cup ($3)

Daifuku is a classic traditional Japanese confectionery consisting of a chewy layer of mochi stuffed with a sweet filling. In this case what awaits within the mochi is a silky delicious chocolate filling. The mochi is also covered in cocoa powder for an extra layer of chocolatey goodness. Chateraise also sells cream Daifuku!

Hokkaido super premium ice cream ($2.50)

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The name says it all. Made from Hokkaido fresh milk, these small tubs of heaven come in 3 flavours- Uji green tea, vanilla and rum raisin, and all 3 are spectacular. If I had to pick, I’d say that the Uji green tea is the best, but that’s just because I have a giant bias towards green tea. The vanilla is sure to please anyone and the rum raisin is delightful as well. Their other ice creams are wonderful too, but I really love these tubs in particular.

White Zebra Mille Crepe ($4.70)

This is one of Chateraise’s most famous cakes, and for very good reason. Each crepe layer alternates with a layer of fresh cream and the cake is topped off with what can only be described as the most exquisite caramel glaze. This best-seller is a must. Their mille crepes come in chocolate and matcha flavours as well, but hey classics are classic for a reason.

Cute Items! (~$5)

I mean look at them. Chateraise has a number of animal-inspired cakes including the bear, panda and bunny cakes, all in different flavours! The bear one is chocolate, the bunny one is strawberry and the panda one is vanilla. The chocolate lover in me always goes for the bear one, but the others taste great too, with a soft ice cream texture. They also have panda roll cakes!

Where can I find Chateraise?

Chateraise’s Singapore branches can be found here. You can also order now for pick up or delivery.

Chateraise also has branches all over Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. For a full list of locations, click here (Google Maps locations available). If you live within Japan, there is also a delivery service.

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If you plan to visit the area around Yamanashi prefecture, their Hakushu Factory, which is surrounded by gorgeous mountainous landscapes, is actually open to tours. You can visit the factory for a free tour without reservation or a guided tour with reservations (Japanese only). Click here for more information.


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