Day 17 | Toji flea market & Kyoto station

Day 17 started with us receiving our test papers and grades. To my surprise, I did pretty well (a real miracle considering I spent most of my days playing). We then continued our preparations for the skit, which was to be performed the next day. We incorporated our experiences in Japan  (meditation, Gion) into the kasa jizo story. It turned out pretty great, but I was worried about one of my lines which involved okane (money) and onaka (stomach) in one sentence. Do i eventually mess up this line? Stay tuned to find out!

It was also the day of our final buddy event (cries). We were going to the flea market that is held on the 21st of every month at the Toji temple. And flea markets = street food!

Toji temple

Besides the street food, the flea market had a lot to offer ranging from textiles to pottery. There were stalls selling all sorts of ornaments, trinkets and jewellery. There were also antiques and dried fruits. I was so busy looking around I barely remembered to take any photos.

Textiles & kimonos

I was feeling a bit hungry so I grabbed a taiyaki from one of the stalls while sharing dried fruits and chestnuts my friends had bought.

One of the few places with chocolate filling

Although I also like custard, I was really glad to get chocolate taiyaki for once! I really regret not taking enough photos because there were so many different things being sold, many of which were handmade or antiques.

If you decide to go for this flea market, remember to come early! We arrived at 2pm since we came after classes and only had 2 hours before the stalls started closing. Once the stalls started closing one of our buddy san offered to show us around kyoto station, which was 10 minutes away. First we decided to get some dessert there.

I was in a chocolate mood

Oh the desserts in Japan, how I miss them. Parfaits, crepes, soft serve ice cream, mochi (I’m drooling already). Anyway, he then showed us the observation area, which gave a nice view of the town and Kyoto tower.

A view for free

In the spirit of Christmas, which was about a week away, there was also a huge Christmas tree and LEDs on the stairs spelling out various Christmas messages.


We then headed over to the arcade where I tried my hand at a claw machine for the first time (in Japan). After failing 5 times I was about to give up when my friend told me it was doing it wrong and that I had to press the button twice (once to drop the claw and once to grab on the toy). I then got it on my first try. We also tried one of those photo booths (purikura) that hilariously alter your face to make the eyes huge and you can edit with sparkles. It’s super fun and it was especially funny to see it alter the guys’ faces to make them kawaii.

My stupidity costed me 600 yen

But I was really happy (Nyanko sensei’s my favourite!) We did a little bit of shopping around the area (apparently the stationary was cheaper there than where I live) before heading back to the dorm. I walked a lot less than usual (9774 steps) but I had a lot of fun!


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