Day 15 | tests & crepes

Day 15 was uneventful to say the least. The final exam was the next day and I was pretty stressed because I had spent 99% of my time playing and not studying. So unfortunately this was a day I had to sacrifice in order to have any chance of passing.

But it wasn’t a complete waste of a day thanks to this adorable van! It was parked just outside the university.


I’ll admit that it looks a little creepy but I was just so excited when I saw it. I mean it’s a real cat bus (cat van but you get the idea)! The cute little van was selling crepes and so I decided to get one (I just had to).

Choco banana crepe

Chocolate banana is by far my favourite flavour combination in desserts and so I always get it when available, but there were lots of other flavours (Strawberry, matcha etc). Also bonus points for the pocky which i used to absolutely love as a kid.

I’ve probably eaten more desserts in the one month I was in Japan than I have my whole life. But with soft serve ice creams, crepes, parfaits sold in every other shop, you really just can’t help yourself. Japan sure knows what it’s doing when it comes to desserts, and I think it’s a complete waste not to stuff your face with it.

Anyway the rest of the day was rather boring. I spent the rest of the day with my books and Japanese grammar rules. But it was a good break from all the walking I had been doing and it was nice to just relax for one day (I had been exploring around for 14 days straight).

I walked an embarrassingly low number of steps and ended up buying instant food from izumiya supermarket because I got lazy. But we went there really close to closing time and again had to fight old ladies for those 30% off meals, which is an experience in itself.

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