Day 8 | Making wagashi in Japan

Day 8 was destined to be a great day. I had struggled through doing online bookings and Google translating emails, and finally the day had arrived for the wagashi making workshop! I was really, really excited as I knew from the moment I found out about this workshop that I wanted to go for it.

However, there were several issues, mostly due to the location of the workshop. It took me a while to figure out where the location was from their website, and when I did I realised it was rather far away. My booking was at 2, and I ended classes at 12.30, not to mention lunch.

A small, quiet shop

My roommates and I ended up rushing lunch and literally running to the shop. We were still late though. The only foreigners were the last to arrive (I cringe just thinking about it).

But at least we reached were finally there. We were given a pamphlet (English!) and the materials. Instructions were given in Japanese, but the class was very easy to follow.

Making decorations

We started off with the easiest bits, using cookie cutters to make decorations. We then rolled the brown dough into a ball.

Sweet dough

We then shredded some dough using a woven basket

It looked like sour worms

And finally assembled our first wagashi!

Cutest little monster wagashi

We then made an orange one, meant to resemble an autumn leaf (I’m sold). The pink one was the most challenging- we were made to enclose pink dough in a layer of white dough. We then wrapped it in cloth and squeezed to create delicate folds.

Mine turned out a bit uneven

We then used a wooden tools to carve petals. And we were done!

You might as well call me a wagashi maestro

All this took a bit over an hour. We were given green tea to enjoy with our wagashi.

This made me so happy

The instructor then demonstrated making wagashi with more elaborate and intricate designs and gave me one as a present!!

You know that feeling when your teacher gives you a gold star in front of everybody?

I saved 2 for my sister who would be joining me in Tokyo. We then proceeded back to the dorm feeling completely satisfied.

kyotoA lovely sight to end the day

That day was relatively relaxing-I walked 12189 steps. Which means… I finally had enough energy to search for a nice place to eat dinner!

Finally not frozen food

It was a small diner in a small corner, but the food was homely. What a refreshing day!

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